Open VetSim - FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions regaring the Open VetSim Simulator.

What TCP/IP ports are used?

For the system to work, you may need to allow ports to be access through your computer's firewall. Consult with your local IT people for assistance. We recommend opening all TCP ports for the winvetsim.exe application.

How can I fix RFID tags that fell off?

We use a hot glue gun to attach the RFID tags to the manikin. If tags get knocked off, then peel off the old glue and use a glue gun to reattach them. While most any hot glue will work, we suggest Gorrila Hot Glue. This is available in most hardware stores.

What Air Pump should I use?

The Lung Lift system requires 4 PSI (0.03 MPa) of pressure. Air pressure higher than 5 PSI can cause the connectors within the manikin to disconnect.

The air pressure can be provided either from a large air compressor with a regulator that can be set to 4 PSI or from a smaller pump, such as an aquarium air pump.

For North American systems, we provide a 10W air pump that provides a rated air flow of 255 Gallons per Hour (about 16 Liters per Minute).

For non-North American systems, we do not provide a pump. You should acquire a pump that is compatible with your local electrical supply voltage, frequency and power connector. Here are pumps that should be suitable:


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