Getting code from the Repositories

Early OpenVetSim systems were shipped with code that was in development. As it was released, the code was relocated to a new project archive. This describes how to download the new code from the new repositories.

The simplest method is to remove the old directories and create new ones from the new repositories.


You must be logged in via a terminal session to the PC/Beaglebone to perform these commands. The example below is for the sim-ii project. Use the appropriate project name on the 'cd' and 'git remote add origin' commands.

  1. Change directory to the dircetory above the project:
    $ cd /var/www/html
  2. Remove the old project files
    $ rm -rf sim-ii

    or preserve the old files by renaming
    $ mv sim-ii sim-ii.old
  3. Clone the new git repository
    $ git clone

Here are the links for the clone operations: